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Sue Fletcher

Textiles artist, Educator

Sue Fletcher first worked with us on Soft Drive in 2020, she made the pattern and constructed the flysheet for John Hall's "Tent, After Arthur Watts." 

Since then Sue has been  working on a sensory story telling aid for Sandside Lodge SEN school,

in Ulverston.  The work draws on Sue's experience of  adult care, SEN literacy and crafting projects and refers to the use of colour as an indicator of emotional states as described in the much-loved book The  Colour Monster by Anna Lenas.


Pandemic restrictions have affected the progress of the project to some degree, but the work is almost complete and will be delivered to the school at the latest in time for the Autumn Term.

Here Sue is introducing the work to Gavin Wood, Teaching Assistant  from Sandside Lodge and our valued point of contact throughout.

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