Dominic Kelly

Performance Storyteller

2021 sees the Fourth Artspace Storyfair project at Sir John Barrow School, Ulverston.

Led by Dominic Kelly, the project introduces young people to the performative oral story telling tradition, providing them with skills and the confidence to publicly deliver their own choices from an enormous range of traditional folk tales.


In previous years the project has culminated in a public show at Ulverston Coronation Hall, as part of Furness Traditions extensive storytelling programme.


With support from the Friends Of Ulverston Coronation Hall and the Sir John Fisher Foundation we have been  able to continue with the work during the pandemic period, and even make plans...


In 2020 our project took place on line, with Dominic recording storytelling exercises for the children at Sir John Barrow, and providing weekly tales on video which we circulated to our friends in schools in Cumbria and beyond during lock down.  In 2021 we were back in school and  working in person with our young storytellers in the schools grounds, with the emphasis on techniques required to tell tales in the open air. Our performance will be in - house too, and for an invited audience, but here for you and  our partners at Furness Tradition is a video overview of the children's progress...excerpts from the show will follow...


Dominic Kelly is an internationally renowned performance storyteller, whose work inhabits European Oral Storytelling traditions and utilises music and theatre to provide extraordinary experiences for audiences of all ages.

We are very proud to have him with us.

Young Storyfair storyteller onstage at the Coro 2019.JPG
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