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led by Tids Pickard and Alan Fizgerald




Co-Mmotion was a programme of music, dance and audio visual arts activities in South Cumbria devised by Autism specialists, Educators, and community artist/performers with a commitment to education and young people with Complex Needs. Through Creative interventions involving sound, movement and projection the project aims to increase and enhance levels of engagement in children and young people with Autism Spectrum Conditions by creating a stimulating, responsive and interactive multi-sensory space for creativity. The 2014-15  stage of the project will culminate  culminating in a series of private and public installation/performance  days,  research documents and new partnerships between the arts and ASC groups.    

By way of introduction, Tids Pickard is a professional Dance Artist with an eleven-year proven track record, performing nationally & internationally (with companies such as Blue-Eyed Soul, DNA and Attik Dance) – creating dance and facilitating community arts projects. This includes a 3yr East Lancs PCT commission to address young people’s health issues through performances and workshops.

She is also a qualifed adult & children’s counsellor,  focusing on  the therapeutic potential of dance, movement and creativity – and on the artistic value of thereuptic work. Tids works from an improvisational base, adopting a playful and responsive approach and experimenting with innovative and inventive methods to engage people in, inspire and create dance

Alan Fitzgerald is a professional musician. The general focus of Alans’ education work involves music, and the part of our being that is accessed by music and other artistic mediums to connect and relate to other people. He has concentrated on working with people whose essential mode of relating to the world is by non-language and non-intellectual reasoning, and who may benefit from relating in that way.

Earlier projects were devised and delivered by  Lead Artist Tids Pickard and Alan Fitzgerald, with support from schools and ASD groups in South Cumbria and Burnley, and from AV artists Ross Dalziel and  Dave Lynch along with John Hall, Glenn Boulter and Andrew Deakin from the Barrow Sound Arts Company Octopus Collective and South Cumbrian Community Arts group Artspace. .  Co-Mmotion 2014-15 has been adopted by the Furness Branch of the National Autism Society, who will work alongside the lead artists  in order to involve parents and carers  groups in the devising of content and to increase their involvement in  the social and creative aspects of the project.

Tids Pickards' blog tells the story of the project. We include it here as a means of keeping Tids and Alans valuable work visible.

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